This page contains information about the various events that NCFC will be holding. For workshops, check out the workshops page.

Event Types

Name That Tune

For a short time, the radio will play songs with scrambled titles from various games, some known, others obscure. The first person to correctly recognize the name of the song in the chatroom wins that round, and whoever wins the most rounds wins the night.

Fight Night

Two fangames will be picked by NCFC to be squared off against one another, with people vouching for their more favorite. The two developers can also get in on the action, though participants must note that this is a light-hearted event.

Minigame Competition

Participants will create a game within the NCFC timeline, following the specific minigame rules. On Friday, polling will be set up for all minigames, and the game with the most votes wins.
Click here for this year's theme and rules.

All times are in EST.


  • Pre-event Discussion
  • Opening Ceremonies (10PM - 12AM)


  • Minigame Competition Starts
  • Name That Tune I (7 PM)
  • Fight Night A (8 PM)


  • Name That Tune II (7 PM)*
  • Fight Night B (8 PM)


  • Name that Tune III (7 PM)*
  • Fight Night C (8 PM)


  • Name that Tune IV (7 PM)*
  • Fight Night D (8 PM)
  • Final minigame entries must be posted by 11:59 PM


  • Minigame Polling
  • Final Awards
  • Closing Ceremony (11PM - 12AM)
*Time may change.

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