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Welcome to the Nintendo Community Fangame Convention! The NCFC is a community led fangaming event where fangame creators from all across the world can show off their games for five days. The event is entirely online, and includes several other events such as workshops, a radio, and livestreams of the games. At the end of the event there are various awards, but the focus of NCFC is to spread the word about new projects and ideas, not to determine which fangames are better.

The NCFC started in 2007 as an organized effort by Shadowman and DJ Yoshiman, and backed up by a select few individuals. It was the first successful Nintendo-related version of SAGE, meant to be inspired by that particular event while allowing for more Nintendo-oriented items to be shown. It started off with a length of four days, a radio, some workshops and two events. Since then, the event has climbed up and opened to more sponsors, events, booths, and even people within the video game development industry. The NCFC has also grown in its own staff, from two main organizers to a hierarchy of producers, directors, developers, and more.

Head Director

DJ Yoshiman
Co-Founder, Producer


Co-Director, Social Media Manager

Radio Host

Web Developer

Black Squirrel
Web Designer

Special Thanks
Retriever II, Hosting
Andrew, IRC Network

Retired Staff
Shawdowman, Co-Founder
Mecha the Slag, Co-Director
Char, Web Developer

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