The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Secrets
Reality is not exactly as it appears in the land of Faerinet (fair-i-nay). Obstacles exist only by way of a very powerful spell using ancient magic, and they could be anything from a tree to a statue. In order to bypass these obstacles, Link must jump to the Realm of Secrets where they don't exist because the spell doesn't apply there (see image 5).

Farore, the Oracle of Secrets, is the descendant of a long line of women with the power to jump to and from the Realm of Secrets. Jarok seized Farore, and forced her to lead him to the Realm of Secrets allowing him to awaken the Arcane Army which had been sealed there for centuries. He then uses the army to spread warfare throughout the land of Faeranet in order to light the Flame of Strife.

The advent of The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Secrets will allow for the option of playing an additional four quests. In order for this to work, the linked games of both OoA and OoS will be altered. For example, lets say you're playing a linked game of Seasons. The family in the red house will have moved from Faerinet instead of Labrynna.

OoSc will have a multitude of different modes to choose from. There will be a traditional first quest where you start with OoSc and end with either OoA or OoS. There will also be two traditional linked games of OoSc depending on whether your start with OoA or OoS. However, there will also be a mode where the beginning of the game is comparable to a first quest, but the ending is comparable to a linked game. In other words, only one flame has to be lit in order for Twinrova to resurrect Ganon, and you must therefore defeat him in order to finish the game.

Finally, I may also eventually include an ultimate quest where you play all three games in a fixed chronological order. You would start with OoA followed by OoS, and OoSc would be the final quest. In order for this to work, there would need to be a hacked version of OoS where the game starts as a linked game and ends as a first quest. However, this option would probably come some time after the games release.

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