Mysterious Islandz
Mysterious Islandz is a fangame made in FDE Exi using Game Maker 8 by me, sspp03 (aka sspp0310).

Plot: Mario entered a pipe and transported him to the Mysterious Island Chain. Unsure where he is, Mario decides to explore in hopes of finding his way back to the Mushroom Kingdom. Little does he know, Bowser setted up shop here and is currently planning something.

Other Important things to know: Currently, there is 7 levels to be played for this version. The full version will have 9+ Worlds of difficulty. This game uses .spcs as its music system. Warning, its not meant to be easy and you have to have some skill of playing Mario platformers and Mario ROM-hacks to beat this game since this game is heavily inspired by the level design featured in SMW hacks.

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Download Game - Mysterious Islandz.rar

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