Super Mario Element Orbs
Hello everyone. You might not know me because this is my first NCFC ever, so I'll introduce myself a little. I'm WreckingGoomba from MFGG, I heard about NCFC recently and I found it pretty interesting, so I submitted this game.

Well, about the game, it's called Super Mario Element Orbs, and it's about Mario... and that's kinda it. There's no story yet, unfortunately, but the basic is Mario needs to collect the Element Orbs, probably because Bowser has stolen it.

This is a demo of 4 full levels, and it has 2 power-ups (it will have 3 to 4 in the full version). I wanted to include more, but time went against me so I couldn't finish it in time. It's about red Mushrooms (very important, I know), 3-up moons, a menu, a pause-menu, a boss and more. But as you could imagine, they aren't here. Hope it isn't a very big problem. If you want to see them included, however, go to the MFGG forums, there'll probably be a demo soon which all included with it.

The engine of this game is made from scratch. So you don't have to worry about bad clones made with the Hello Engine or anything else, no, it's all made by me. I did not made the graphics and sound myself though. For that, see the credits section in the ReadMe file.

And last but not least: enjoy playing!

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