Super Mario Bros: Odyssey
This is a demo of my Mario project.

Due to a size limitation, the music pack is to be downloaded separately. (It's only 7 MB, but it makes the overall file size 15 MB, which is too large). Here it is: (extract it into the same folder that the SMB Odyssey .exe file is in or it won't work.)

Known Issues: (some of these have been fixed since this demo was initially released)
--When Peach carries enemies, they are aren't positioned very well; I'll be sure to fix this in the future.
--Sometimes, when stomping a jumping koopa, it will disappear and you will teleport 4 pixels to the right and about 6 pixels up without bouncing off of it. I'm currently unsure of the cause.
--Some music may sound a little strange when they loop (you may hear a slight pop or jumping in the audio when they hit the loop point). For some reason, Audacity keeps adding very small amounts of blankness at the beginning of each track after I exported them and it threw the loop points off a little. I'm currently unsure of how to get around this.
--I accidentally left an unfair enemy in the SMB2 demo; it's a Hoopster in the room before the boss fight; he's on a vine that you need to climb up. Sorry about that lol
--Subspace will have a slight graphical glitch if you get the mushroom while small. Don't worry, it's not a big issue.

Other stuff
--Once development goes a bit further, I will begin using .oggs to keep the size down.
--I am aware the levels in this demo are pretty straightforward and linear, but trust me when I say that later levels will be longer, bigger (more height than 240 pixels), and a little less linear. The difficulty will also increase, obviously.
--I included 3 cutscenes in this demo; the last one is very short, but the first two can be skipped by pressing enter.
--The mushroom and fireflower are the only powerups in this demo, but don't worry, in the full game, there will be plenty more-even in chapter one.
--Multiplayer is not supported.

Well that's all I can think of at the moment. I hope y'all enjoy the demo ^^

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Download Game - SMB Odyssey (NCFC Demo).rar

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