Legend of Zelda: Shattered Dimensions
This demo is short and simply features the games main engine. No story line has yet been added though it will after the engine is finished. Although this project looks like a classic GB zelda clone, I have added some of the features that would be found in the more modern Zelda titles, such as rolling, Offensive/Defensive/Evasive moves, onscreen prompts, and more. The intent being to bring somewhat of a OOT feel to a game boy style game... Though this is NOT intended to be an OOT remake of any sort.

-Spin Attack/Sword Charge
-Back Flips, Side Jump, Jump Slash
-On screen prompt
-Quarter Based Heart System
-Grid/Free motion View
-Cliff Jumping

Finished Items
-Roc's Feather
-Iron Boots
-Hover Boots
-Bow / Arrows
-Slingshot / Deku Seeds
-Lens of Truth

Finished Enemies (I don't know all of Nintendo's wierd names for them so...)
-Moblin Archer
-Dark Knight

Move - A,S,D,W
Attack - J
Action - K
Shield - L
C1 - U
C2 - I
C3 - O
Toggle View Grid Lock - V
Reset Game - R

Feel free to discuss this project on the NCFC forums by clicking on the link below.
Lets DiscussThe Legend of Zelda: Shattered Dimensions

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