Fire Emblem World Cup


-Faithful reproduction of Fire Emblem's gameplay
-Choose from a dozen playable levels
-9 classes to interact with
-Complete AI to play against
-Runs in a Web Browser
-Open Source
-No Install required
-Works on any operating system


A - Corresponds to the "A" button on a GBA
Z - Corresponds to the "B" button on a GBA
Arrow keys - left/right/up/down


How do I run the game?
Extract the files, double click "index.html"

It's not working...
You need to make sure javascript is enabled.

Which browsers does FEWC support?
While it is recommended to use Chrome while playing FEWC, it should work on any desktop browser. IE7 has been tested and working.

I can't hear the sound effects?
There is no sound in FEWC. FEWC is designed to run in web browsers, even old ones like IE7. These have no native way of playing audio, so it was not included.

Wasn't there multiplayer?
Some may know this game as being online-multiplayer. Unfortunately, the servers hosting the online component were unable to renew the URL, which means that (for the time being) FEWC is single-player only.

Will this run on my iPhone?
While there used to be a "virtual keyboard" (onscreen buttons) that allowed this game to be played on an iPhone, these have been removed in this version. Since there is no longer a website for FEWC, it is not easy to access it on a phone, so the virtual keyboard was removed.

Open Source?
Yes, the code for this game is under the MIT licence. Basically, this means anyone can take a copy of the code and modify it to their will. All source code is included in the game download.

Download Game -

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