The Purple Coin

The Story
You are currently the last surviving magical Purple Coin to ever exist. You are worth a lot of money. Word has gotten out about your current location. Consequently, a gang of Evil Collector Bros has been dispatched to retrieve you. What ever will you do? Why, incapacitate your enemies, of course!

Normal Gameplay
You can fight for your survival by hiding. You don't just hide in your environment, though. You can also hide within your enemies! When hiding in the ground, you can jump into a nearby enemy and take total control of his body. From there you can either toss your Bro down a cliff for one point or make him attack other Bros for varying amounts of points.

By default there are 3 stages available, all of which take place inside the Coin's sacred home. You are not limited to the Coin's house forever, though, for there are more stages that you can unlock that take place in vastly different locations and that each have their own special perks. They can be unlocked by getting high amounts of points and completing Challenges.

Challenges and Modified Gameplay
Completing Challenges is a good way to unlock stages and other goodies. Upon completing a Challenge you are awarded bonus points. The other goodies I mentioned are Game Modes and Gameplay Modifiers. The Gameplay Modifiers can be found within the Options menu and toggled on or off. Some of them when active will temporarily disallow high score submission since they change up things to a point where it would be unfair to allow submission of scores obtained using them.

Additional Gameplay
There are two extra Game Modes that can be unlocked, though only one of these will be playable for now. These do not presently feature high score lists. More info will be available as the features are completed; the one playable extra game mode is hidden and cannot be "unlocked" but can be found and played if you're willing to read.

Important Notes
On some keyboards the simultaneous pressings of certain keys will cause some input not to register. I can't really fix this and for that I apologize. I've provided options for using Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 controllers if you have them.

If you do not have a sound device installed, selected, or in use, then the game will throw lots of errors at you. Be sure to have sound functional on your computer in some form, even if it's just muted.

The controls, some hints and other good information can be found by pressing F1. You might also find something extra you can do if you actually read it through!

Grab the game here when NCFC starts!

Be careful, for hiding requires Power. You can refill it by attacking Bros or throwing them down cliffs. It starts to drain faster as your score gets higher so be wary and play smart.

When a Bro sees a Bro attack another Bro, he will retaliate if the attacked Bro is not one of his enemies. This can cause huge "eye-for-an-eye" brawls, so be careful not to get too caught up within a storm of attacking Bros.

Bros will be able to tell who is possessed after a while. Some Bros will mistake other Bros that are wearing purple clothes for Bros that are possessed, so if you ever see a false call out, that's a good chance to take advantage of any distracted Bros headed your way (if you yourself are not already a target.)

You have a secondary Power meter which, when filled, can be used to call in assistance. Whenever you call in assistance, you have a friend come in and attack every Bro on screen for a point a piece. You get a bonus after this for each Bro that is knocked out.

Each stage has destructible bridges, and every Bro that falls after you destroy a bridge under them will get you 10 points. Destroyed bridges will respawn when off-screen. Some stages have other hazards, so be on the lookout for creative ways to take out your enemies.

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