Bowser's Last Stand
There is a gameplay video here:

Take control of the mighty Bowser and fight against the Mushroom soldiers trying to take over the Koopa Kingdom!

As you can see in the (now slightly old) video, this game has come a long way since I showcased version 0.3 on NCFC 2011. Improvements since then include much better physics, sounds such as the jump sound that were previously missing, continuing at the level you died at (rather than the beginning of the world), and four bonus modes (two of which are unlockable), as well as several smaller improvements and bugfixes.

If anyone does a livestream of this, I want to mention: you can switch out of fullscreen by pressing F4. This might be a good idea if you're livestreaming.

Enjoy! :)

Try typing "NCFC" at the title screen for a little extra surprise!

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