Fire Emblem World Cup

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FEWC has come a long way since last year's submission. With generous support from the people at, the game is now back online, and with it has come a whole set of new, old and revamped features.
After clearing any campaign mission, you can get a link to that chapter, which will replay the entire battle back.
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A cutscene engine has been installed to give the single-player campaign much more immersion.

Feel free to play PvP against people over the Internet in real-time. If there's nobody online, you can always play against someone sitting at the same computer in a local battle.

Mobile Browser
The game has seen updated graphics and touchscreen controls, making it playable on devices like the iPhone.

Open Source
The game is open source, with a permissive MIT-like license. This means anyone is free to copy the code and modify it as they see fit.
Check out the code here.


A - Corresponds to the "A" button on a GBA
Z - Corresponds to the "B" button on a GBA
Arrow keys - left/right/up/down

On touch-screen devices, the buttons will appear as you tap.

Please note: At this stage only level 1&2 work.
If you do not wish to create a login, use this account:
username: 1
password: 1

Q: Why are there only 2 levels?
A: The game is still in heavy development. As the code changes over time, the levels may need to be re-done. To save re-work, only a small number of levels are included at the moment.
Q: Are there known bugs, if so, why?
A: There are some known bugs in this version. However, I ran out of time to fix them before NCFC this year.
Q: Will the graphics be improved?
A: Yes. Much of this year was spent re-writing the whole graphics code. While it's more robust (and now works on phones) it's still a bit basic in a lot of places.
Q: What phones/browsers does this work on?
A: The game is only tested in Chrome. While Firefox, Opera, IE9+ and Safari should work, these aren't regularly tested. Support for Internet Explorer 7/8 has been dropped. While it works on phones, only the iPhone4S has been tested. The screen size on other devices might impact gameplay. (The iPhone 4s is an exact multiple of the GBA screen size, which is why it works the best)
Q: Is there going to be sound?
A: Even though the game has dropped IE support (allowing browsers that can play sounds). Sound is still a low priority. It makes the loading times longer, and takes away from other features that are planned.
Q: What are these "other features"?
A: The main page will become an overworld map. Instead of simply selecting a level, players can roam the world and fight in an MMO-like environment. People who are offline can leave their character on the map, which will act much like AI-controlled trainers in Pokemon games. Obviously, there is a lot of work to make this happen, so it's quite a distant prospect at this stage.
Q: Can I choose classes?
A: Currently there is no way to change your classes. This feature has been tested to work, but there's no visible menu to do it.
Q: Can I view the enemy stats?
A: No. The stats display was removed when the graphics were re-done. It has yet to be re-added.

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