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This page provides a listing of the workshops currently registered for the week of NCFC. All workshop times are in EST. (UTC-5)

GameMaker: Studio Basic Platformer
In this workshop I will teach you how to create a basic platformer in GameMaker: Studio Standard. Make sure to have downloaded the free version of Studio and upgraded to Standard which is now doable for free. No programming experience needed. In case you want help after the workshop ends you can still contact me on MFGG and I will help you out.

By: DJane Coco
Type: Chatroom
Time: 4:30 pm - 5:30 pm


Stellar Game Engine Tour
Here, I will be guiding a "tour" through the SGE (Stellar Game Engine). Two examples will be discussed: a basic "Hello, world!" example, and a Pong example.

The SGE is a generic 2-D game engine for Python. You can use the SGE to build games much more easily than you would with a generic graphics library like Pygame or Pyglet. The SGE is a part of a larger project to create a suitable free software replacement for Game Maker. Learn more about the SGE at the website:

Extensive knowledge of Python is not required to follow along, but you will need to know the basics of Python. I won't tell you how Python works, tell you how to install Python, go into depth over what basic, common Python syntax means, or do do anything of that sort. However, I will go over the basics of Python in another workshop which will start 30 minutes before this one: "Brief Overview of Python".

If you wish to follow along, you should have the following installed:

- Python (
- Pygame (

And of course, download the SGE from Please make sure you have version 0.5 of the SGE, since that is the version the examples are written for. You only need to download it; don't worry about installing it yet.

By: onpon4
Type: Chatroom
Time: 9:00 pm - 10:00 pm


Brief Overview of Python
This is a brief introduction to Python basics: syntax, operators, keywords, and common functions. A simple "Hello, world!" example will also be shown.

This is not for non-programmers. I am unable to teach programming to people who are unfamiliar with it, especially not in as short of a time as 30 minutes. This workshop assumes knowledge of basic programming ideas, including:

- Variables
- Data types (integers, floats, strings, arrays)
- Conditionals
- Loops
- Functions
- Classes
- Comments

If you wish to follow along, I suggest having Python installed:

Also, if it doesn't come with Python the way you obtained it, I suggest installing IDLE (the official Python editor) as well. On Debian and Debian-based systems, the package you would want is "idle3" (IDLE for Python 3). Other software repositories likely have IDLE in similarly-named packages. If you are having trouble installing IDLE, don't worry; you should be fine as long as you have Python installed.

By: onpon4
Type: Chatroom
Time: 8:30 pm - 9:00 pm


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