Check out the Pre-Event Podcast for an idea of what's going on this year!


These will be going on throughout the convention.

Radio -

(The link provided allows you to listen through various applications including a flash player so you can listen to the radio through your browser.)
This is the NCFC Radio, which runs all the time, every day that NCFC runs. Listen to a wide variety of music, and random events including interviews, guest speakers and who knows what else! Hosted and DJ'd by your's truly, DJ Yoshiman, same host as the previous two years.

- The radio has some fluctuations where it may enter silent periods until the host re-connects; do not worry about this, it will not happen very often.
- The radio will contain some heavy swearing from time to time, so consider this a warning that listening discretion is advised if young children are around.

See the event schedule for more information on when radio events, such as DJ Yoshiman Live, are on.

IRC Chat

A live chatroom will be available for the duration of the event, and be used to host most, if not all, of the events. Located at port 6667 #ncfc and our mibbit web client.

Minigame Competition

Check it out on the forums! Deadline is 12PM on October 30th!

Radio -


These will only be going on for their specified timeslot. Be sure to show up then or miss out!

Opening Ceremony - October 25th 10PM EST - 12AM EST

Here's where we'll introduce the convention and explain all the events and stuff that will happen during the convention.

Music Workshop - October 26th 6PM EST

Hosted by DJ Yoshiman - Learn how to create Music with Yoshiman!

Trivia Night Rounds 1-4 - October 26th-29th 8:30PM EST - 9:30PM EST

A trivia game based on a variety of Nintendo themed questions will be going on, anyone is welcome to join! Whoever wins gets to go to the finals on the 30th!

DJ Yoshiman Live! - October 26th-30th 10PM EST - 11PM EST

DJ Yoshiman will be hosting a radio show every night, be sure to check it out on the radio!

Mario Kart Wii Tournament - October 27th 5PM EST - 8PM EST

Compete to be the NCFC champion of Mario Kart Wii, one night only. You MUST show up in the IRC if you want to compete!

Metroid Map Making Workshop - October 28th 5PM EST

Hosted by MetroidMaster1914 - Learn how to design great Metroid maps.

C++ Basics Workshop - October 28th 7PM EST

Hosted by RetroX - Basically, a workshop for showing people some decent basics of the C++ programming language, whether they are experienced in a language like GML, or have never tried their hand at programming before. For this workshop, it is recommended that people have some sort of compiler or IDE, such as Code::Blocks (open-source), since it is required to compile the programs. I hopefully plan on featuring examples of how to code things in SFML, a media library which can be used to make 2D games with relative ease (granted, it's much harder than something like Game Maker, but easy compared to most C++ libraries).

Super Smash Bros. Brawl Tournament - October 29th 5PM EST - 8PM EST

Compete to be the NCFC champion of Super Smash Bros. Brawl, one night only. You MUST show up in the IRC if you want to compete!

C++ Game Design Booth - October 30th 7PM EST

Hosted by OniLink++ - A Booth where you will learn how to use the C++ Skills learned in RetroX's booth to create Computer Games.

Trivia Night Finals - October 30th 8:30PM EST - 9:30PM EST

The previous nights winners will all compete to be the grand NCFC trivia champion. Anyone is welcome to show up and watch, but only the winners of previous nights will be allowed to compete.

Closing Ceremony - October 30th 11PM EST - 12AM EST

Here's where it all comes to an end! Minigame competition winners will be announced as well as a handful of other things! Be sure to show up as we watch NCFC 2009 come to a close.

Full Schedule

All times are EST (GMT -5) and take place in the IRC chatroom unless otherwise specified. NCFC 2009 Event Schedule

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