What is the NCFC?

The Nintendo Community Fangame Convention (NCFC) is an online amateur game convention. Game creators from various websites gather in a temporary community to share their games, discuss game design, and interface with other game making communities.

NCFC focuses on Nintendo fangamers - people who make games based on Nintendo franchises and properties. Participants work with all aspects of game design, ranging from programming to music and graphics. In addition to showcasing games, NCFC features a 24-hour radio program and a chat room filled with game design workshops, trivia contests, and other events.

This year's NCFC will be held from October 26th - 30th, 2009. If you want to showcase your projects or host a game design workshop, registration will open soon.

How did it get started?

The NCFC started out as an idea by ShadowMan and DJ Yoshiman from Mario Fan Game Galaxy back in 2007. Such attempts had been made previously for a Mario fangame convention of sorts, but all had inevitably failed. The two individuals discussed ideas, plans, and concepts to have a successful convention - including the notion to branch it off into Nintendo rather than seclude it to Mario, pitched by ShadowMan. After months of preparation, progressed by ShadowMan, DJ Yoshiman and a host of other staff, the first NCFC was held in October of 2007. The event was more successful than had been anticipated.

After the success of the first NCFC, it was apparent that a second one needed to happen to invite more people that either missed the first event or were not as aware of it. It needed to be bigger, it needed more participants, and it needed to have more events. Along with the plan to branch out further with Nintendo fangames to accept, were plans for more events inside the event, and a better website. The second NCFC was held in the same month, the next year, being even more successful than the prior one.

It became obvious that this would need to continue - NCFC is not only a great opportunity to display your fangames to more than just the forum community, but it also provides a fantastic chance to meet others, get to know other communities, their works, and accomplishments, and work together as (potentially) one large community. With ShadowMan and DJ Yoshiman now officially forming the producers of NCFC, the Director (MetroidMaster1914) and Co-Directors (Mecha the Slag, Adamgamer and Kesha) of NCFC have taken on the task of organizing NCFC to ensure it's even more successful than the last one; and to bring all participants and websites even more enjoyment, fun, and opportunity for this event!

An online convention? What's that like?

Think of all the craziness that happens during an actual convention except in the comfort of your own home! Not helping? In a basic sense there is a set schedule for a five day period where special events occur such as guest interviews, radio shows, gaming tournaments, and workshops for developing games. There are also various booths set up by various fan game creators, showing off their latest work though either playable demos/full games or media. Most of the interactions between attendees would take place in either our chat room or the message board.

What events will take place?

Follow the link here to see a schedule of what’s happening during the week.


So how do these so called 'booths' work?

Each booth contains information, media, playable content, and contact information about a fan game listed on the site. Accessing them is easy as each booth is sorted by the various Nintendo franchises (Mario, Zelda, Metroid, etc) and also lists who the game is by.

How do I sign up for owning one of these 'booths'?

Hate to say this but you kind of missed the boat here as the convention is currently running and we’re not accepting any more booths.

What if I have knowledge to share?

Again, the deadline has been passed for registering a workshop so you’re kind of out of luck.

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