Mario Kart: Speed Strife

The game features 12 characters, 8 of which are playable from the start. There are 16 tracks split up into four cups. If you get a trophy in one of the cups while playing in Grand Prix mode, you will unlock its respective characters. Additional to the Grand Prix mode there is also Time Trial mode where you can try to set up record times on your favorite tracks, as well as Vs Race where you can play with your own rules. You can customize speed class, CPU difficulty, which items appear, and more.

Q: The game runs slowly for me. / I get a vertex buffer error message. What can I do?
A: Try to change the FPS to 30 or 15. The game will run at the same speed but it will draw less images to the screen.

Q: I noticed a glitch/bug and/or error message.
A: Please post it here so I can look into it. NOTE: If your error message is about a vertex buffer that can not be created, see the answer above.

Q: Why is the default key for Item Y and not Z?
A: The default layout was chosen so I could test the game easily, and I use a German keyboard where Z and Y are switched.

Q: I have a suggestion for this game!
A: I do not take suggestions and/or requests. The game will not be updated unless major bugs/glitches are found or I add new features myself.

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