Paper Mario 3D Land

This is Paper Mario 3D Land, and as the name implies it combines the gameplay mechanics of Super Mario 3D Land with the charming visuals of the Paper Mario series. Run and jump through 16 unique levels from start to finish through gorgeous landscapes filled with all kinds of obstacles. Not only does this game feature never before seen mechanics from the Mario franchise, but it also offers a wide variety of new stuff, including never before seen power-ups.

The Super Dandelion lets Mario transform into a flower, granting him the ability to perform a minor doublejump in mid-air as well as hover to ground safely. Not only does this power-up make all kinds of traps easier to deal with by giving you extra air time, but it also enables you to take several small and maybe not so small shortcuts.

Dress up as a mole and dig through the floor! Using this power-up you can bypass several hazards and access otherwise inaccessible areas. While performing the digging attack your attack power also increases so it becomes easier to take out tougher enemies. While underground enemies also won't notice and take chase of you.

The delicious cupcakes will temporarily increase Mario's stats. The red one boosts Mario's attack power, whereas the blue one raises Mario's defense.

DirectX version 9 or higher is required to run this game. A medium-end PC is recommended to run this game smoothly without frameskipping. If the game lags for you try increasing the frameskipping.

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