Super Mario Country

Hello, community! I think I have started working on this game some time after I put The Next Levels on ice... so its origins date way back to ancient times as well. But just like The Next Levels, I just couldn't let this project die! Demotivated to work on every other project I looked through my folder of projects on ice and found this gem lying around. I knew I had to finish this. I got motivated again and eventually finished it - and here it is: Super Mario Country - a gameboy-styled Super Mario Land 2 fangame! The game doesn't feature any collectibles but has lots of cool little secrets in the levels for you to find. The game initially started out as a simple SML fangame with a few levels in the graphical style of SML2, but with the addition of a world map and a lot more it quickly became a lot bigger than planned at first!

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