Super Mario: All-Star Attack!

Hello everyone, Mikeystar here to bring you some fantastic news!

Preface: First off, Super Mario World: All-Star Edition received a name change by Mikeystar (project head)
to "Super Mario: All-Star Attack!" to reflect the maturation phase this fan-game is undergoing.
We have come a long way since 5 years ago with an ever-evolving game with a clear sense of direction.

Secondly, you may remember out first demo, released on Mario Fan Games Galaxy on Oct 26, 2014 and was later
exhibited on the Nintendo Community Fangame Convention days later. Unfortunately, the 18 levels featured in the first demo
were not a reflection of our true vision for this game. Over the course of 7-8 months, we have made extensive updates to
the game in order to provide a fuller experience with this demo.

What does this NCFC Demo feature?
- 50+ Levels, which has the entirety of World 1 complete along with various levels added on to later worlds.
- Addition of Luigi as a playable character.
- Updated additions to music, modifications to old stages, and many glitch fixes.
- Updated Graphics thanks to the efforts of Geoshi, Karate Cat, Mikeystar45, and Neweegee.
- Achievements such as stamps to be unlocked, as well as a level list, all located in the DMG Screen of the World Map.

World Order:
~ World 1 (Minty Plains, Grassland)
~ World 2 (Djanet Dunes, Desert, Sand Canyon)
~ World 3 (Overswell Ocean, Beach, Waterfall)
~ World 4 (Yoshi's Island, Various, Jungle)
~ World 5 (Windswept Canyon / Aerate Altitudes, Badlands, Sky)
~ World 6 (Gelide Glacier, Snowland, Mountain, Iceberg and Ocean)
~ World 7 (Bowser's Industries, Industry, Urban, Casino)
~ World 8 (Koopa Core, Forest, Darkland)
~ World 9 (Stardust Route, Space, Various)




Below is the Super Mario: All-Star Attack playlist, hosted on YouTube.

Download Link:

SM: ASA Sound Skin Patches (6.25 MB)

SM: ASA File Download (125 MB, Readme Included)

As quoted by Mikeystar (me):

"I would like to apologize for the various forms of glitches that has appeared during the first demo. The first demo was a hard start: Having to get the transition
between worlds was a challenge while getting the levels able to be completed without a problem. I did not like how much effort I put in to the programming, only to
realize the slightest of glitches can be the downfall of being unable to complete the last demo, including the frequent crashing due to FMOD Sound usage for Windows 8
Users including myself. I am glad to note that I fixed the majority of those problems for this upcoming demo, not to mention having a new playable character, Luigi!
Finally, the Mario Bros. are united!
If there are any questions you would like to ask, contact me, Mikeystar45, on YouTube. Feel free to ask me questions." ~ Mikeystar Skors

Closing Statements: Without further ado, go ahead and play this game! Any other information is clarified by the game information inside the executable.

You are completely able to livestream or Let's Play this game! I actually recommend you to do so. I'm on the road to helping this fangame become viral.

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