Goombario's Quest


Goombario's Quest is a Mario fangame where you embark on a great adventure as Goombario to save the Mushroom World from Goomboss's evil plans. Join Goombario and Goombella on this epic quest to stop Goomboss from getting the Cosmic Star!

The story begins as Goombario discovered a shard of the Cosmic Star during an overnight training camp. The host of the camp took the star and presented it to the researchers back at Fort Goomba. It was later discovered that if the Cosmic Star was put back together, it can be used to summon Zorgate and the summoner will get it's evil powers. Goomboss has ordered all of his troops to find those pieces so he can take over the universe! Goombario doesn't approve of Goomboss's plans and goes out to stop him. Unfortunately, Goomboss has ordered his troops and contacted Bowser to order his troops to eliminate Goombario.

There is also online play hosted by GMServer. It's quick and easy to get online, just sign up/login to GMServer and you're in! Meet up with other NCFC'ers, see each others in levels and chat! I will be online to moderate Goombario's Quest's online server, so don't be mean! I will be also looking forward to playing with Kiddo during the stream.

Shift = Jump/Swim
Ctrl = Run/Shoot
Z = Spinjump/Dismount
C = Dismount
Arrow Keys = Moving/Entering Pipes
Down Key = Groundpound

This NCFC demo will feature 2 worlds, Toadstool Ruins and Dusty Canyon.

Who is in the server right now:

I'm sorry for this delay. I have been very busy with my life so I couldn't focus on Goombario's Quest. But I promise things will be better on NCFC 2016.

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