Mario's Nightmare Quest

Designed as a fan sequel to Mario & Luigi Dream Team and featuring a style similar to Super Mario Fusion Revival, Mario's Nightmare Quest is a quasi crossover ROM hack where Mario and Luigi have to battle through the dream world to defeat the evil nightmare King Antasma.

The Story

On the way back from yet another adventure, Mario & Luigi are walking through the Mushroom Kingdom Fusion when a mysterious portal opens in front of them! Within a flash, they're sucked inside to a mysterious land, filled with strange creatures and environments never seen before in the kingdom!

Trapped in what turns out to be an unexplored part of the dream world, the Mario bros have to battle their way out to get back home and stop Antasma from returning to the real one yet again.


The Gameplay

Mario's Nightmare Quest is for the most part, a typical Mario platformer. With a power ups including the Hammer Suit, Boomerang Flower and Blue Shell and fairly short SMB 3 style levels in general, it's less of a crossover game than it is a GBA style reiminaging of series with characters and concepts from the Mario RPGs and spinoffs mixed in.

There are crossover elements and gimmicks (especially in part 2 and 3), but they do not change the genre from that of a typical platformer, nor are the new enemies introduced with these themes overpowered in the sense of those in Mushrom Kingdom Fusion or Brutal Mario. So while you may explore everything from a factory to a nuclear plant to a clock tower, the game is still classic Mario right through to the core.

It's also not a particularly difficult game, with the aim being that of a Mario game mod that's actually playable without any save states or extra tools.


An Adventure in Multiple Parts

Due to SNES limitations, Mario's Nightmare Quest is not technically a single game. Instead, the journey has been split into three parts, each with a defined intro, a couple of worlds and a grand finale.

Akin to Stop n Swap from Banjo-Kazooie, these parts can be played together with the same SRAM file to maintain progress and unlock new worlds.


A demo is now available as part of this booth. It contains all normal levels, with a preview of the new power up system, status bar, etc.

It should be mostly hardware compatible.

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