Blooper's Revenge DX

NOTE: Due to the "Music" folder bloating the filesize, I'm providing a separate download. Get it here:;s_Revenge_DX_-_NCFC_2014_Music.RAR

Blooper's Revenge DX is a remake of a terrible fangame I made called Blooper's Revenge. Surprise.

Since last year's event, I have changed literally nothing. Sorry about that. This was because I don't have as much time to do anything lately, as well as a lack of motivation. Don't touch Multiplayer; it will be removed in the final version.

- Twenty levels to play in three different worlds!
- Six characters to play as, all with their own special abilities!
- Five powerups that have different effects for each character!
- Collect eggplants to unlock new characters to use!
- Gather Keyzers to unlock mysterious "Dark World" levels that are harder than their light counterparts.
- Amass a collection of figurines to learn about the various characters that appear in the game!
- Shop with your coins for helpful, permanent upgrades!
- Lots of options! Adjust keyboard controls, change screen size, toggle various things such as showing FPS or respawning faster, choose auto or manual saving, choose from Easy, Normal or Hard, and more!

Any and all criticism is appreciated. Please report any bugs found!

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