Plumber's Parasitic Plant Problem


> About the Game

This is a ROM hack based on Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars for the Super Nintendo. Demo 1 was created and released for this year's NCFC.


> The Story of the Game

There is a land where Toads and piranha plants live side by side peacefully. This island is called "Peaceful Piranha Plant Paradise", and this is where our story takes place...

The legendary plumber, the royal princess and the super cool and awesome Toad go on vacation to this island, but the blissful adventure turns to a one of duty and obligation as heroes. The once docile piranha plants of the island are suddenly becoming malicious, and are populating in unexpected places. Mario and others must get the assistance of local plumber experts, as well as a local scientist, to find the source of the piranha plant uproar and to bring the once peaceful paradise back to a hip vacation spot. Who or what could be behind the sudden outburst of the island's piranha plant population?


> What Content to Expect In This Demo

- This demo features the portion of the beginning of the full game. Learn what a piranha plant mother is and what they do for the island, and explore the sewers with a group of plumbers under Peaceful Piranha Plant Paradise island!
- Has about 20~ minutes of gameplay.
- Contains one boss and several enemies.

> Content to Expect in the Full Game

- New story and conflict (Find the cause behind the hostility of the once peaceful Piranha Plants on Peaceful Piranha Plant Paradise island and finally take a vacation!)
- New top-quality maps to explore
- A new world map!
- New enemies and bosses
- New spells and attacks
- New puzzles
- New major and minor characters
- All new adventure!


> Other Places to Discuss This

This game's development is being discussed on The SMRPG hacking devs would love it if you dropped us a comment!


Now, go start the adventure! I hope you have fun!


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