Elibean Nights

The game is centered around "tales," which split Blazing Sword's cast into multiple parties. The cast of the one tale will not automatically carry over into another, and the stories, while some do link plot points together, each map's respective gameplay is completely independent.

After a tale is completed, the player will be transported to the "Tale Select" screen. At this hub, you can select the next tale you wish to play, choose to replay any of the tales you've completed. Upon starting a New Game, the player has access to eight different tales, with six others to unlock.

Tale Select also acts as a hub for other features. If you're familiar with the XBOX360, you'll recognize the concept of "Achievements." The game features a total of 15 Achievements to unlock. Also included is a hub for "Bonus Content," unlockable extra cutscenes, and the new "Matchmaker" feature, which allows you to modify the default support pairing choices among FE7's characters (mixing and matching pairings modifies the plot, party composition, and gameplay of each tale).

Release date: October 4th, 2015
For updates on this project, please visit: http://feuniverse.us

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Download Game - EN Beta.rar