Super Fangame Maker

Super Fangame Maker is the first Super Mario Maker fangame to be released to be developed prior to the release of Super Mario Maker. With three rows of tiles to use, and over sixty costumes to use in your levels, you can spend all day expending your creativity!

Place tiles, power-ups, and enemies in whatever way you desire within the long borders of the level editor. Save your level, and load it later to ensure that your work is not lost!

Mix and match elements of numerous fangames to create a hodgepodge of fangaming history, and then choose from five Skin Themes based on the designs seen in Super Mario Bros., Hello Mario Engine 4, Quinton Land fangames, Galaxy Troopas, and Super Mario Gear Solid!

Use over sixty Costume Mario designs in your levels, and see all of their animations.

As for the rest of the features, you'll just have to play the game and see them for yourself. The interface was inspired by both Mario Maker, and Super Mario Maker, which resulted in what I think is a rather interesting mix.

How to Play:
To exit the title screen, you must drag the 'Play' button off of the background, and onto the table fixed in the center of the screen. Dragging the 'Info' button will start the credits.

Click on a black space in the level-select to load a level, or if no level is saved, create a new one.

Once you have entered the level editor, you can drag tiles from the Tile Bar onto the room. Holding Shift when you click on an item in the Tile Bar lets you place multiple tiles at a time in the room.

On the top right side of the screen, there is a Save icon and an Exit icon, which function as their names explain. The rest is up to you to discover, though I do hope it is intuitive!

When you check out the Costumes, you may find that many of them are very different than Super Mario Maker's equivalents. This is because they were in Super Fangame Maker first (well, before they were announced, anyways), and most of them had nothing to base off of. Some of them were edited by me, but I would like to give a huge shout-out to the very talented Medic Robot for making so many custom sprites for the costumes.

While I'm talking about huge thanks, be sure to check out Super Mario Gear Solid! Gato sprited a bunch of customs graphics just for this game, and all in the unique style of Super Mario Gear Solid.

And I'd also like to thank Random.Nick for making the game's logo.

The game is fairly buggy in its current state, but it is playable! This whole thing was done in two and a half months, with the sole purpose of making it into NCFC. I plan on polishing it up a bit more, and then submitting it to Mario Fan Games Galaxy, but I am very proud of what I've got given the limited development time.

Alright, that's it, I'm done talking. You can check the full credits in-game. And with that, I hope you enjoy playing Super Fangame Maker!

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