LoZ: Time Crystal

Hey everyone, PJCLink here! As promised, I'm here to proudly announce my new Zelda fangame, LoZ: Time Crystal! As I said before, this new fangame is being to made to help tide over the wait for LoZ: Netherforce Shards.

LoZ: Netherforce Shards is still in the works, I promise. The game just needs more time. Until I can I show more of Netherforce Shards, please enjoy Time Crystal. Here is the first Trailer! Please enjoy:

I really hope you will enjoy LoZ: Time Crystal! I first started working on this fangame using a BS Zelda tileset around the late June, early July timeframe. Time Crystal will be the first fangame installment to be a part of my new Zelda fan project called "Project LoZ: Legend of Zelda".

As for timeline placement, I can proudly confirm that this fangame sets place one thousand years after A Link Between Worlds in "Old Hyrule", a different Hyrule than the one from A Link Between Worlds.

Time Crystal was also inspired by the old Alpha stages of Zelda64 and Beta A Link Between Worlds. You will find some similarities from Alpha and Beta forms of Zelda64(Early Ocarina of Time) and A Link Between Worlds.

I am very sure that this fangame will release sometime next year at the latest. I have been very satisfied with how fast the development has been going so far.

Story & Plot:

LoZ: Time Crystal takes place in my take of the Decline Timeline, one thousand years after my placement of ALBW in my take of the timeline. Time Crystal sets place in Old Hyrule, a Hyrule that was long abandoned due to the events of the Imprisoning War. And obviously, this means that Old Hyrule isn't the same Hyrule from ALttP and ALBW. Upon playing this fangame you would notice that this Hyrule seems to be somehow related to the same Hyrule as from OoT.

The story is about a re-incarnation of a parallel counterpart of Hero of Time from OoT, the Hero of Life. Hero of Life is the Hero of Time who failed. The Hero of Time didn't exist yet in the Decline Timeline until Time Crystal's era in my take and belief. Time Crystal as well as a few other installments of Project LoZ: Legend of Zelda will explains how that works and why it makes sense. In my timeline take, the Hero of Time rises much later than he does in what I call the Hope Timeline, the timeline where OoT happens, causing a double split, and exists parallel to the Decline Timeline, in my take of the Zelda Timeline.

Anyways, the Hero of Life is re-incarnated in Time Crystal and Ganon. Due to the Hero of Life's failure the last time he lived, people who know of his failure according to legend doubted him and believe he will fail again, so they despised him, calling him the Zero of Life, giving him a colorless tunic they called the Zero Tunic. The Zero Tunic as you would guess is white. The now Zero of Life must become a hero again by collecting eight Time Crystal pieces scattered about all throughout Old Hyrule. He must prove himself worthy of the title of the Hero of Time. Will the Hero of Life redeem himself and become the original Hero of Time? Or will he fail again? In 2016, you will decide his fate!

Anyways, that's all for now. Hope you enjoy. :)

Edited on 08/26/2015

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