This is my latest game, a completely libre platformer sort of similar to the Super Mario games, but in its own style. The name "reTux" is a play on the words "redux" and "Tux".

The story of reTux isn't finalized yet. But basically, it's going to be something about the snow people, led by the Raccot the yeti, taking over Icy Island. (Not Antarctica; Icy Island exists in a fantasy world.)

The graphics, sounds, and music are mostly taken from the SuperTux project (the exceptions being a few sounds and images that SuperTux doesn't have, which are taken from or The engine, however, is completely different, written in Python for the SGE Game Engine.

One thing I'm trying to do with reTux is commercialize it, but in a way that may surprise you: IndieGoGo. Basically, by contributing to the IndieGoGo campaign, you are effectively pre-ordering a copy of the game; you will get the current version at the end of the campaign, and you will get the completed game when it is finished. If the funding goal is reached, then I will additionally distribute the game to anyone else who wants a copy at no additional charge. More information can be found on the campaign page:

There are also videos, found here:

And Kiddo has previously streamed reTux; you can see it about 7 minutes into this video:

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