Mysterious Islandz

Mysterious Islandz is a game that is currently undergoing redevelopment after the last engine's problems are deemed to be unfixable. I originally planned to have like, more than 10 levels, but due to the time I started this redevelopment and the relatively low priority this game has, that's not happening. I will have 5 random levels shown by the time this event begins.

What you are going to see:
- New levels that reflect my current design philosophy.
- Backgrounds and tilesets made by yours truly.

I know its not much, but bear with it.

Update 1.1: Added in the needed .dlls for anyone to play. Also reverted Mario to the start in 1-4. Replace the last version with this one.

Update 1.3: Difficulty adjustments in level 4 and Swamp Romp. Also level 2 uses a new music.
3.5: Added new background in Boss Bass River.

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