Wario Land Remix

Hey Guys, just wanted to show you that this game is about Wario is on an another treasure hunting adventure but this time, it retells stories from the gameboy Wario Land Games and a few custom story chapters, this is what i've been working on in my spare time. This Game is made with a heavy-modified Hello Mario Engine 5.1 and this fangame does NOT appear as a clone or a level-editor, the engine was remade to lower more space like 5 to up megabytes and for real game-making purposes. I really hope you enjoyed playing this fangame :D

Wario Land Remix is a platformer puzzle-solving game which will adapt into a SNES Appearance with Wario as the mascot in his remake misadventures from before and with upcoming new chapters along the way. This game is not fully complete just yet but playing this game will show some features from the Game Boy & Game Boy Advance Wario Games. Help Wario go through levels and unlock one secret that's hidden in one of the levels.

Playable Characters:
Waluigi(Not added on the game just yet)

Garlic(Restores health when you have the bull powerup)
Bull Helmet
Dragon Helmet
Jet Helmet
Fart-Cloud Helmet
Crab Suit

SHIFT - Jump/Confirm
CONTROL - Throw/Dash/Crab-Claw/Etc.
SPACE - Dash/Crab-Attack/Etc.
ENTER - Confirm
F2 - Restart

DOWNLOAD LINK: http://www.mediafire.com/download/e49pf82f7onblao/Wario_Land_Remix.rar

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Download Game - Wario Land Remix.rar