TLoZ: New Beginnings

Brief Story

This story of Link takes place days after Majora's Mask. As Link struggles to seek out his beloved friend, he stumbles on to a land that is preparing for war against the dark interlopers, who are seeking a cursed jewel in order to dominate their enemies.

Sorry for the quality, but the purpose for this video is for those are are lost on what to do next.

Walkthrough play

Hidden Stuff
(I suggest you play first before you look around)

***Also please press F1 for help keys.***

-Title Screen Controls/ Game Over-
L- Load Game Save (Title Screen)
Space - End Game (Game over)

Tech_Demo 1.2 link:

-Other information-

This project grew off of the engines I've worked with from 2009, before that, this project was met to be made on rpg maker 2003, I changed to game maker after learning a bit of coding and following examples and observed sources from others. The engine had been created from a gb and lttp source and combination them turn it into what it is now. There is still alot of work to be done for the engine, and a lot of coding work as well :)

The engine has a lot of place holders, some GB, some TMC, etc.

If you find any bugs let me know, at times I miss the bugs myself. Keep in mind this is a tech demo of the previous version, 1.2, I wasn't able to push out 1.3 just yet because of some unfinished projects within engine, I was tweaking the code for it.

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