Super Mario Gear Solid


I apologize for the year-late NCFC booth submission. I provided content for this project last summer, and have made minimal progress since then. There is a very high chance that I will never scrap this project. Progress will be slow, as I am the only person actively working on it, but it will be very well worth it once the game is fully presentable.

Plot Summary:
The setting occurs roughly twenty years after Mario defeated Bowser for the first and only time. He finds himself waking up from a blackout caused by his house collapsing on him during an earthquake that appeared to occur unnaturally. Consequently, the Koopa Troop, or the newly-established Sons of Bowser, rather, have invaded the entire Mushroom Kingdom and have taken custody of Princess Peach under the command of Kamek. Mario is now obliged to infiltrate through Kamek's forces, and restore peace to the kingdom, but the story does not simply end there...

If you really wish to find out more about the story, the tentative summarized plot script is provided here. Huge spoiler warning.

The only games that will be canon to this story are Super Mario Bros. and Yoshi's Island. The game will primarily feature implicit themes from Super Mario World.

* Six Worlds. A unique environment dedicated to each world, but done in a realistic manner.
* Six Unique and involving boss battles for each world.
* At least 25-30 levels. I will make my best attempt to make each level as memorable as possible.
* A new light to the Super Mario series. Expect previously existing characters, but re-imagined in a new sense to fit the setting.
* New and dynamic graphics. In order to create a game with depth, I must also evoke this aspect visually-speaking.
* Achievements and unlockables. Although this feature will be limited, it will certainly provide replay value.
* A fluid physics and control system. This game will feature new gameplay mechanics that will potentially require the use of one hand to control all of Mario's movements.
* A tutorial system. This will be necessary to familiarize the player with new gameplay mechanics introduced by the game.
* An entirely new take on power-ups. This is much more than what I can explain in a single sentence.
* The option to play the game by traditional means. Don't like using weapons in a Mario game? Not a problem! This is a stealth game, after all.
* Customizable controls. Are you unable to use weapons? Don't like controlling Mario with a single hand? As said before, not a problem.
* A new take on weapon acquisition. Adding new weapons to your arsenal will be somewhat challenging to enforce the idea that the use of weapons is not the focus of the game.
* MGS-influenced gameplay mechanics and story. You will have the best of both worlds for this game.

Climb Up / Push and Release to toggle crawling / Hold while pressing Jump to Spin Jump: Up Key
Climb Down / Slide: Down Key
Left: Left Key
Right: Right Key
Jump: Z
Hold to Run: X

A engine demo is provided below. Some of the content has not been fully implemented, and is present to show the visual capabilities that this game will have.

Click to enlarge.
uploads/userbooths/74/screen_0.png uploads/userbooths/74/screen_1.png uploads/userbooths/74/screen_2.png