LoZ: Netherforce Shards


"LoZ: Netherforce Shards" is the new and final title for the familiar Magic Keys. Along with a new title, the now "LoZ: Netherforce Shards" also comes with a new re-imagined story and plot, hence the new name.

LoZ: Netherforce Shards has been in the been in development for over four years. It is most definitely going to be a classic retro style Zelda experience like no other and will be much better than what I showed of the fan-game back in 2011.

The fan-game's release date is TBD as I can't make promises that could end up being broken. The fan-game to this day is still going through such a heavy development process and is hard to decide when I'll be able to release it.

Anyways, hope you look forward to seeing more of my Zelda fan-game LoZ: Netherforce Shards in the near future.

P.S: And yes, I got the new name from being inspired by that old pre-e3 Zelda U rumor "Zelda: Shard of Nightmare".


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