Super Mario RPG: The Starlite Worlds

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It's another day in Bowser's Castle. The Koopa King is recanting his past glories to a script toad (stolen of course) as suggested by his advisor Kammy Koopa. It's going rather poorly. A Koopa servant bursts into the room with urgent news: "Your Ruthlessness, there are some weird things going down in the dungeon!" Annoyed with the incompetence of his minions, King Bowser heads down the fix the problem with Kammy right behind him. Little did they know that this little disturbance would become a big problem, and Castle of the Koopa would soon be the stage for the fight fate of their world!

Discover the history and mystery of the 8 Starlites and the powers they hold. Team up with friends, foes, and new acquaintances as you all work together to stop a new threat!


-20-30 hours of gameplay in the main story
-Vibrant cutscenes with expressions and effects, making full use of the sprites, and even going beyond
-Action Commands (Timed Hits)
-Timed Defense (Like Paper Mario)
-Full, Paper Mario style badges (All skills learned from badges)
-Mouse Support in battle and in field
-Mario, Luigi, Bowser, Kammy, and 2 Minions playable
-4 types of badges (Party, Mario, Luigi, and Bowser)
-Control Bowser/Kammy on main field at certain points of the game
-New, mouse-based first strike system
-Helpful HUD coupled with use of overworld skills
-Many sidequests that lead to powerful secret bosses
-Online Starlite Stream that allows you to fight specialized enemy's. Monster of the Moment
-Large assortment of minigames, both in the main quest and for side quests.

Keyboard Script by Cybersam & Synthesize
Mouse System by Shun
Sideview Batle System 2.2xp by Enu, Atoa
Title Skip XP by Punk
MOG Menu by Moghunter
Individual Battle Commands by Atoa
Battle Windows by Atoa
HP/SP/EXP Meter by Atoa
Destruction Engine by Rataime
Parallax Background by Dubealex
Autoscolling Panoramas by RPG Advocate
Hero and Event Frame Script 1.1 by The Sleeping Leonhart
Modified Advanced Weather Script by Ccoa & Agckuu Coceg
New Particle Engine by Arevulopapo
Enemy Detection System by Gubid
Advanced Message Script by XRXS Scripter
Battle Report by Raziel
Alchemy Pot by The Sleping Leonhart

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