Super Mario World: All-Star Edition

Super Mario World: All-Star Edition was started by ~CaMtEnDo~ on October 31st, 2010 with the coadjutor, Mikeystar on the help of making
this project come alive. It was a very ambitious project which started off as Mario and Luigi going through the classic plot of saving
Princess Peach by going through eight long worlds, ala SMB3. ASE has produced a lot of concepts and plots, even much more that is not seen
in this demo, which includes concepts inspired by Sonic the Hedgehog franchise, various Super Nintendo games,
Megaman franchise, Wario Land games, and Yoshi's Island games and much other new concepts that can only be described in future demos.

Unfortunately, the ambition of this project was like water overfilling a cup, too much capacity and not enough space. With the common case of losing members,
ASE was in dire of major help and contributions of members from their home base, the Super Mario World ASE Reactor. As a result, ASE can only be demonstrated
until more help arrives then. Even the founder of the fangame has left for reality reasons, and Mikeystar is now completely in charge of the fangame up-to-fate.

This fangame has been known for years, but many believe it has diminished since 2012. Well, turns out they didn't know the huge surprise that I'm unveiling to many as of now.

There are step-by-step instructions as to what to do to make sure that the demo is working properly, but it is simply by extracting files.

This demo actually consists of 18 stages and 9 worlds. Many stages pertain to be in World 1 to World 9.
The world names are what follows.

World 1 (Minty Plains, Grassland)
World 2 (Djanet Dunes, Desert, Sand Canyon)
World 3 (Overswell Ocean, Beach, Waterfall)
World 4 (Yoshi's Island, Various, Jungle)
World 5 (Windswept Canyon / Aerate Altitudes, Canyon, Sky)
World 6 (Gelide Glacier, Snowland, Mountain, Iceberg and Ocean)
World 7 (Bowser's Industries, Industry, Urban, Casino)
World 8 (Koopa Core, Forest, Darkland)
World 9 (Stardust Route, Space, Various)

Main Patch

The Executable (Updated, 11-5-2014)

The executable file is the actual game. The Main Patch are all the external files to go with it. Please make sure these downloads are in the same folder. There is a Readme that shows you how it is set up.
If you already have a copy of this, overwrite the old exe with this.
Your save file will not become corrupted.

Sound Skins Patch (16-bit and 8-bit sounds, Optional Download)

Without further ado, go ahead and play this game! The information of this game is also very clarified within the demo itself.

Gameplay of this fangame is also included on my YouTube channel, as seen here:

Be on the lookout for this fangame as well, as they are going to receive Let's Plays during NCFC Week by a LP'er named Gunblazer42.

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