Cops is Supernova's (Guova Games as publisher) second indie game. It's an expansion of his winning NEW (2014+) MFGG Minigame Competition #2 (Game Boy Colors) entry.

You're playing as a most wanted criminal in the state(or province). Cops are everywhere searching for this master criminal mind (you) either dead or alive! It's time to eliminate those pesky authorities!

About this game in general:
- There are 10 levels in this beta:
-- First three levels, sixth, eighth and tenth level: run, kill, and avoid shots from cops.
-- Fourth and seventh level: avoid getting shot through these stealth levels! (remember no ammos!)
-- Fifth and ninth level: defeat the boss.
- There are HUD (Heads Up Display) on the top left corner of the screen, watch out for your health (hp) and your ammo (clip).
- Classic GameBoy (original) experience.

- Left and right (or swipe left/right): Movement
- A: Jump
- B: Shoot
- A/B: Shoot in car level

If you find the swipe movement controls hard to use, please go to options > controls to switch it off.

Reviewe from Windows Phone Central:
Review link

- Android:
-- Google Play
- Windows Phone:
-- Windows Phone Store

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