Infinite Run One

Infinite Run One is supernova's (under the name of Guova) first indie game. Infinite Run One is available for Android and iOS (jailbroken devices only). Infinite Run One is a never-ending survival platformer game with an extremely simple gameplay - tap on the screen to jump.

Game Feature:
- Simple jump controls (tap on the screen to control the player)
- Power-ups! (Jet-packs, slow-motion and second chance!)
- Less repetitive! (New things appear as you reach higher point)
- Bosses!
- Simple classic gaming environment!
- Google Play Games (leaderboard/achievement) support!
- Unlockable characters! (special thanks to Ci-Ri(Hoo):
- Switchable graphics options (normal 16-bit and classic 8-bit)

How to play:
- Jump and avoid obstacles, collect as many gems as possible
- Look out for spikes! If you lose all of your hearts, game over!
- Same as the walls! if you got pushed to the edge of the screen, you're done!

- Tap on the screen to jump
- While in the air, tap again to drop for the original character. Tap again to double jump while playing as Ci-Ri(Hoo).
- While equipped with jet-packs, tap and hold on the screen to fly.

- Android:
-- Google Play
-- Amazon Appstore
- Windows Phone:
-- Windows Phone Store
- iOS
-- App Store

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