Pacewar is a game I made for Pyweek 19 with the SGE Game Engine.

In Pacewar, there are two teams of ships: the green team, and the red team. Each round, the two teams fight each other until one team is completely destroyed. When a team wins a round, a meter at the top advances toward their side, and the team whose side of the meter fills up wins the game.

But there's a catch: as you get closer to winning, your team loses ships! So you need to be better than the other team if you want to have a chance at winning.

The game supports single-player (against a team made entirely of AI players), and 2-player (each player controls a team). In both modes, if a human player dies, they get control of a random AI ship, so the human players are always in the game.

Press Enter to pause, F7 to activate colorblind mode, F8 to take a screenshot, and F11 to toggle fullscreen. (This is all explained in the readme, but I'm just mentioning it here too just in case.)

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