Mario vs. Windows 95

Mario vs. Windows 95 is a platformer developed in MMF2 which intends to be a throwback to the early days of MFGG fangaming. Inspired by Supertoad2k's Yoshi vs. Windows, the game has Mario, with the help of the spirit of Bill Gates, fighting against an evil virus which is attempting to take over his newly purchased computer.

Given its inspiration, the game is designed to less resemble an official Mario game and more evoke the design tropes of fangames of old. The game's structure, while not really non-linear enough to be considered a Metroidvania, will have an interconnected game world, where any level previously accessed can be traveled to at any time from the pause menu. Mario can obtain upgrades to his abilities, like extra jumps and the ability to jump off of walls. Currently, the fast-travel option is not implemented, nor is the ability to travel between levels like I want it to be.

The demo contains up to level 2-3, including a secret area. I'm not going to work on this game for a month or so because of my new work schedule, but I'd like to have this game out in 2015 or thereabouts.

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