Super Mario Dynamo

The people of the Mushroom Kingdom have finally embraced industrialization, and it is all thanks to everyone's favorite plumber, Luigi! Unfortunately, Luigi's greed got the best of him, and the entire kingdom became shrouded in darkness. The thick smog emanating from Luigi's accomplishments have darkened the once bright and colorful kingdom. It is now up to Mario to try and solve this dilemma!

SHIFT/X: Jump/Enter Level/Menu Selection
SHIFT+UP/X+UP: Spin Jump
CONTROL/Z: Run/Pick Things Up/Talk
ARROW KEYS: Move/Duck/Slide Down Slopes
ENTER: Pause
ALT+R: Restart Game
ALT+ENTER: Full Screen
ALT+F4: Quit Game
ALT+V: VSync


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Download Game - ?os=windows