Fire Emblem: Bloodlines (FEBL)

Hello! I'm Ghast. This here's my booth for NCFC 2014!
A ROM hack of Fire Emblem 7 with a fresh plot and unique characters inspired by Shining Force... Because, why not combine my two favourite turn based RPG's of all time, right? Hope this sparked your interest!

Before Man, the Viperae ruled.
Then, man arrived and together...
Both kingdoms thrived.
However, Man overstayed his welcome.
Soon the Viperae found themselves fighting desperately
against Man,
in a battle for territory and power.
This war was called Extinction
Nearly destroyed, the Viperae
Emigrated to a far country.
Not long thereafter, Man, Animal and Djuron
kingdoms would form...
All over the world.
I continue to live,
Disappointed in all of it


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