New Super Luigi U Remastered Edition

New Super Luigi U Remastered Edition

V0.1 Beta - Fixed AVG Virus Warning.

New Super Luigi U Remastered Edition is a fangame created by the Core Dev Team in order to bring the Mario community together in a fun way. The game only supports Windows 2000 - 8.1 as of now, but we plan on porting the game to Mac OX, iOS, Android, Linux, Unix, Roku, Window Phone, HTML 5, Flash, Smart TV, Java, C++, Open GL, SDL, Scratch, Xbox, WiiU, Ps2, Ps+, Ouya, Game Stick, and MS Dos.

CONTROLS: Arrow Keys|Left Shift|Left Ctrl|F13-F24 (Debug)

Questions or Complaints? Send a PM to: (May or May Not Be Read)

ExTrA CoMmEnTs:
New Super Luigi U (stylized as New Super Luigi Bros. U) is an expansion pack for the Wii U title New Super Mario Bros. U, released as part of the Year of Luigi, celebrating the thirtieth anniversary of Luigi's initial debut. It features Luigi as the main player, with Yellow Toad, Blue Toad, and, notably, Nabbit(who replaces Mario from the original game) playable in multiplayer mode.[2] Because the game is titled New Super Luigi U, the game does not feature Mario himself at all, making this the only Mario platformer series game so far to do this. Challenge Mode and Boost Rush are not available.