Legena: Union Tides

Legena: noun: A legend that spans an era: the legend of the Narrator

Have you seen the Red Sky? And the Green Lightning? Rumour has it that whenever the sky turns red and the land is struck by green, the Narrator appears. A time traveller I hear. You best be a good boy. You best be a good girl. Otherwise the legena will come true. The Narrator will get you.

Legena: Union Tides is a turn-based role playing game for currently Windows, Android, GameStick and OUYA (other platforms pending). Take the role of Tetiro Aceus and Atesan Turwin to explore the open seas, stop the pirate lords and discover the other side of the Legena universe. And how their roles turn the gears of a legena that spans countless eras.

Legena features a traditional JRPG combat system with a dynamic turn system, a variety of exciting characters, strange villains and unique dungeons, along with new features including the harnessing the weather, feathers that equip heroes with a variety of skills and a morale feature that rewards moral choices. And for those wanting a challenge, the difficulty grid waits to allow anyone from beginners to pros to play the game. Choose your difficulty and power on through!

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