Mario & Luigi's Coin Chaos

Mario & Luigi's Coin Chaos is a fangame made using Game Maker 8 by me (Mors) and with some help of StrikeForcer. It features SMW style gameplay with SMB1 style levels and custom SMB3 styled graphics. This demo has 2 playable worlds, 13 normal, 2 secret levels and 15 power-ups.

Mario: He is the most balanced character and his special ability is spinjump, which can break turn blocks and kill certain enemies in one hit.
Luigi: Although he is good at jumping, he has a terrible traction he is not as fast as Mario. His special ability is super jump, which allows him to reach higher areas. But be careful. He's hard to control while super jumping.
Toad: Unlike other heroes, he can't use power-ups. But he is fast, he is strong, he has the best traction and every mushroom he collects gives him a health point. But he is terrible at jumping, you should do a charged jump to reach areas he can't reach.

Princess Peach: She will help you on your journey to save Mushroom World.
Filmask: Filmask is a green Flyguy, who is actually the guardian of the Golden Star.
Wario: Wario is a fat treasure hunter, who will cause some trouble on our heroes way.
Waluigi: Waluigi is Wario's brother and he is more dangerous than him.
Bowser: Bowser is back, but not to conquer Mushroom Kingdom. No, this time to conquer whole Mushroom World, with the power of Golden Star!
Koopalings: Bowsers 7 son will try stop you to save the Golden Star. Will they be successful?

Fire Flower
Super Carrot
Super Leaf
Superball Flower
Thunderbolt (New)
Ice Flower (Redesigned)
Frog Suit
Cape Feather
Magnet Flower (New)
Super Lui (New)
Earth Flower (New)
Hammer Suit
Laser Flower (New)


CONTROL / Z: Run / Hold / Pick up Veggies
SHIFT / X: Jump / Confirm
DOWN: Duck / Pick up Veggies
SPACE / C: Special Jump
V: Dismount
A / D: Move Camera
BACKSPACE: Drop Reserve Item

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