Bingo The Multiva


Bingo The Multiva is a platformer that takes a young multiva on a journey to stop the evil forces of Darth. There are many challenges that await as well as many bots to destroy, but utilizing Bingo's need for speed will get you around these obstacles.


Bingo, a young multiva, is simply relaxing at his home land, known as Verdant Valley. Meanwhile, he takes sight at Darth with his army of robots but doesn't really mind it too much. Our reluctant hero must take matters into his own hands to stop this evil force after he is attacked by his robots. Bingo will also find many surprises during the journey as well as other dangers that are out of this world! Will Bingo be able to succeed in stopping Darth from taking over the world?


As BINGO, you can utilize his spin-based abilities to take on Darth's bots! He can use his SPIN ATTACK to take care of unsuspecting robots. He can curl into a ball with his SPIN JUMP to manage airborne enemies or BOUNCE to adjust his landing. Bingo is also able to DASH when he really needs to keep things moving.

As SALAMON, he can FLY by using his ears, but not for long. Like Bingo, he can also perform a SPIN ATTACK and SPIN JUMP. If Salamon wants to be able jump higher and decrease his fall, he can use his CYCLONE ability.


Arrow Keys Left/Right - Movement
Z - Jump
Z (air) - Fly (SALAMON)
X - Spin Attack
X (air) - Bounce (BINGO)
C - Dash (BINGO) / Cyclone (SALAMON)


You can also play Bingo The Multiva on your android device! An APK Installer will be required along enabling unknown sources.

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