Super Mario Bros Doomsday (NCFC Demo 2013)

Game Info:
It is the year 2012 for the Mushroom Kingdom and Bowser is planning to take over the world once again, however he knows his plans will just be crushed by the Mario brothers. So he plans to propose an alliance with the other villains of the Mario universe so his alliance can all take down the Mario brothers and use the Mayan prophecy of the end of the world, control it themselves, and all rule the world. This game is the third and final instalment in the Super Mario Bros 2010 fangaming series.

Related Info:
Super Mario Bros 2012 is a fangame in construction being developed with Game Maker 8.0 Pro. This game's engine was made by Supernova and unlike the Hello Super Mario Brothers engine, this new engine features physics very close to the original Super Mario World on the SNES.

Game's Content:
Includes over 50 levels, many worlds ranging from the Mushroom Plains to natural disasters. It also has SPCs as the music. The levels themes get darker as you progress into the game and onto the final levels where natural disasters
like floods, earthquakes, ice ages, heat waves, and tornadoes will occur!!

Demo's Content:
This game is being featured in the Nintendo Community Fangamming Convention for a second time. Included in this demo are 4 cutscenes, 12 levels from the first four worlds, and fun bonus content.

Download the most recent version here (11/21/13):

Special Thanks to Supernova for the game's engine, and GardevoirtheShroob for helping developing the story.

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