sspp03's Super Mario Bros. Hack

My very first completed SMB hack. I have started other SMB hacks before, but none of them were good enough for me to work one as this one.

What to expect when playing this: (EDIT: A major update will be made that will feature newer, more original graphics made by me). If you still want to play this, PM me since im not proud of the reception it got and I planned on remaking this anyway for a while.

(EDIT: Depreciated)
- No Warp Zones.
- Difficulty is that of SMB2 (Japanese version), but has a much sharper curve yet attempts to give players a fair challenge.
- World #-4 castles harder than the world difficulty and be a preview to expect in the later levels.
- Savestates not required to complete this SMB hack, which means, it can be played and completed on a real NES.

What will be present in future versions
- Remade levels

Click to enlarge.
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