Mega Man: DitL 3 Beta

Spin-off series of games where the bosses from classic Mega Man games are the protagonists.

The Mega Man DL series returns with the third installment. Guide the Robot Masters of MM3 through the stages and bosses of MM4!

The game is in the very early stages of development at the moment. Only four stages and playable characters are completed and story events are not implemented yet.

Debug/cheat codes can be activated by pressing the 'I' key during stages. Pressing 'O' brings up the menu of codes and pressing 'P' activates the code that was chosen from the menu. Left-clicking any position on the screen will instantly move the player character to that spot while cheats are active.

-All characters can use the slide ability and climb ladders
-All characters have their own weapon energy, which grants them special abilities as long as energy is available.
-Direction keys can now be remapped in the Controls menu, along with the other buttons.
-Four difficulty options:
**Easy: Enemies do less damage than normal
**Normal: The recommended difficulty for most players
**Tough: Most enemies gain new attacks. Enemies do normal damage.
**Hard: Most enemies gain new attacks. Enemies do higher damage than normal.

Everything is subject to change.

Created by Fusion Team.

NOTE ON INSTALLATION: The default download link downloads the game via an installer. As an alternative, the game may be downloaded as a zip file using the following link ( Extract all the files to a single location and run the .exe to play.

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