Mario & Luigi's Coin Chaos

Mario & Luigi's Coin Chaos is a fangame made using Game Maker 8 by UEU Fangaming and with help of sspp03. This game is based on SMB 1,SMB The Lost Levels, SMB Special, 2, 3, World, Land, Land 2 an Yoshi's island. The engine was made by Dragezeey but it's changed a lot. This demo has World 1 and World 2.

One day, Princess has been kidnapped by Bowser again. Bowser entered a pipe and Mario brothers followed him. The pipe transported them to the Secret Islands located between Mushroom Kindom and Dinasour Land. Now they have to find and rescue Princess again!

CONTROL / Z: Run / Hold / Pick up Veggies
SHIFT / X: Jump / Confirm
DOWN: Duck / Pick up Veggies
SPACE / C: Special Jump
V: Dismount
A / D: Move Camera
BACKSPACE: Drop Reserve Item

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