Metroid RPG: Kilo Squadron

Kilo Squadron.

One of the Federation's finest teams, comprised of a group of...misfits, to put it somewhat bluntly.

This game is a spinoff akin to Shadow the Hedgehog and Luigi's Mansion, and Sonic Chronicles and Paper Mario, where the spotlight shifts to background characters, in this case a bunch of new ones, with a different RPG genre. Samus is almost nonexistent, instead the game focuses more on the biology, lore and backstory that enriches every Metroid game to date. It gives backstories and even a sense of family to once-faceless characters.

Our team, comprising of Kaizo Nisaio: He is a General in the Federation. He is also an Emperor; the Luminoth had a belief that turned out to be true that dead souls travel to Fendara, the planet also known as the Frozen Graveyard. This applied to Ing, and on an observance mission he was possessed by what little was left of the Emperor's body and soul, however it wasn't enough to take Kaizo over; it was only enough for a sort of fusion. He was already a volatile adversary at Level VII: boosted by his 'fusion' with the Emperor he is a Level IX threat, second only to Level X: Samus Aran.
Lorelai Nisaio: An expert spy and infiltrator whose personal record consists almost entirely of more shady dealings that the Federation might not approve of, but get the job done more effectively than their methods. She was even assigned to observe Samus, posing as a nurse, the nurse who taught the Hunter how to use Hypermode, on the G.F.S. Olympus. She also appeared as one of the members of the board whom Samus gave the report to before the Bottle Ship incident.
Amara Thompson: One of the group of scientists who, later on, helped find a cure for Samus's X infection. She also was a monitor for the scan data Samus sent during the Phazon Crisis, and would also later on be interrogated by Samus about the Metroid conspirancy, which she was an unwitting part of.
And Michael 'Psych' Thompson: Amara's brother and an empath who helped recieve and translate the Alimbic's message about the ultimate power. He's naive, but his slowly maturing telekinesis makes him a large threat to everyone, including himself. He also is a total nerd and knows his way around machinery; this fact is backed up by him helping forge Samus's A.D.A.M. ship and choosing the purple sheen.
Who else might join in on the adventure? After all, there's plenty of inhabitants on their destination planet and on their ship, the sister to the G.F.S. Olympus and G.F.S. Valhalla, the G.F.S. Asgard.

They will go to planet Falacy III, home of the Ylla and N'kren, and stop the bombardment of raids that Pirates are carrying out on the planet. Their job is to neutralize the Pirate militia and gain more information on this almost-unknown planet, and to recruit any willing members to join the Federation. There is even talk of getting Falacy III itself to join the planetary alliance.

Excited yet? Yeah? Unfortunately for you, this is only a demo that goes up to the first 'boss' who, do not worry, will later have a more Metroidy motif. Have fun nonetheless!

The file is too large to host on NCFC's servers, it being an RPG Maker VX Ace game. Therefore, here is a Mediafire link.

Since NCFC started it came to my attention that once Amara joins the party, the screen goes black and it is almost impossible to leave the Spirit Inn. So, I've fixed that, plus a few aesthetic glitches and I'm also beginning to work on character customization; all male characters have the option of facial hair and I plan on allowing female characters to tie up their hair as well. In addition, the RTP is no longer necessary.

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