Sonic Hexacide

I really liked Sonic Lost World on the Wii U so I decided to try to recreate something like that to expand upon my 3D knowledge. With this, Sonic Hexacide was born. Due to it being based on a Nintendo-exclusive title I should be good hosting this game on NCFC.

Sonic Hexacide is a 3-dimensional Sonic game in which you blast through various landscapes. No two levels are the same - ranging from surfing your way past deadly traps to getting stuck in the jam on some tasty cake-like planet!

In the demo there are 3 complete zones with 2 acts each and a boss fight. Zone 4 only contains 1 act.

I hope you like this game and stay tuned for more!

Arrow Keys - Move
Z - Run
X - Jump
C - Spindash

Click to enlarge.
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Download Game - ?6l5d43942bwbala