Defend Your Flaahgra

Reinterpreting the events in Metroid Prime's “Sunchamber”, Defend Your Flaahgra tells the tragic tale of a mutant flower's fight for survival in its own home. Using simple mouse controls, you must wield a diverse array of attacks and upgrades to resist the incoming legions of creatures and unleash the true power of the mighty Flaahgra!

Boasting a colorful custom-made soundtrack over 7 minutes in length, this fangame is rooted in the long-forgotten Metroid Prime 2D community (aka Team SCU) as the first official demo released since 2008, and it is also the first public showcase of the NetMission game engine, a private general-purpose software project being developed by Troid92.

For maximum enjoyment, be sure to use headphones and play past the first minute or so.

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